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No Rotor Left Behind.

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At SoHa SMART our Rotor-E Club will help you Learn, Program, Build and Fly a personal drone or learn about the amazing technology in compact UAV’s. You will learn the best safety practices and updates on current laws. With access to SoHa SMART's Digital Fabrication Studio consisting of 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, and CNC Mills, you can even create your own components and exchange knowledge with other 'Drone Heads'.

Drones are Unmanned Aerial Robot Vehicles capable of both remotely controlled flight and fully-autonomous flight, controlled by sensors, GPS, and onboard computers performing the functions of an autopilot. UAVs include airplanes, helicopters, quad copters and blimps. Most of them are under five pounds and quite harmless.

Reasons to make your own UAV range from a fun technical challenge, student contests, aerial photography, mapping, and scientific sensing and any application that can help human kind.
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The Rotor-E Club follows the current interpretation of the FAA guidelines on small UAVs as well as all local city ordinances. Recreational use (non-commercial), under 400 ft altitude, line of sight, "pilot in the loop" and onboard safety systems that always allow for manual control in the case of malfunction. We are building experimental platforms that demonstrate autonomy and the capacity to do real useful UAV work, but we test them in controlled settings and conform to all local laws.
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